Thursday, December 22, 2016

What about PROST!

The alter ego Kla$ny Ru$$ia is having his first solo show ever on the 30th of april at Galleri Hangups. Kla$ny Ru$$ia has been active since 2003, mainly as a netart character. During the years he has been active on,,, and for the past two years at Lately he has been headhunted to blog on His main interests are cash, gold, skateboard, bmx, fame, happiness, graffiti, fashion, romantic views and bloging.

The exhibition will present his manifesto, consisting of 1-11-11 points. Among performance, photo and painting he will also show a 43 minutes long video. The video was made during Kla$nys stay in Cuba between the 3rd of February and the 14th of March 2010. The concept for the video was to only use the material related to his character that was found on his lap top during his stay i Cuba. The video range from the years 2003-2010. Never before shown material will be presented, and along with that Kla$ny Ru$$ia will make his appearence in real life during the opening.

This is the Kla$ny Ru$$ia manifesto.

    Stay Naive Keep on Dreaming Step up a Notch
    Hang out with similar minds
    Be Starfucked
    Laugh now
    There is no tomorrow
    Dont trust in natural science
    See no evil
    Young, angry and romantic for life
    The copy is the new original
    Fear no foe
    Never take a political stand

11. Always stay 10 years younger
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